10 Ways to Increase Conversions on Amazon and your Website

increase conversions by updating content and images

Amazon sellers go through a never-ending challenge to come up with new products and techniques to increase conversions and profits. However, there are times when no matter what you do, people just aren’t buying. What to do?

Maybe it’s time to take a look at your ad copies and content and revamp them. Your target audience may not be interested in what they see. More so, you just might not be pushing at the right buttons.

Here are 10 tips on how to increase conversions and direct sales to your Amazon pages or your website.

How to Increase Conversions

  1. Entice Customers to Buy by Giving them Freebies

Everybody wants freebies. In Psychology, this relates to the social norm of reciprocity wherein people have a strong obligation to return the favor when you do something for them.

Thus, when you offer them personalized coupons or free items when they buy, they would be thankful and be enticed to buy as well.

As an Amazon seller, you can bundle your main items with a relevant smaller item and tag it as a freebie. You can also include insert cards for those who purchase your items and include a coupon code (just make sure that your insert card is compliant with Amazon’s TOS.)

2. Create Envy with Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide social proofs that build trust in your brand. It also creates envy in prospective customers. For example, with influencer marketing, people are encouraged to buy what the popular influencers promote because they “gotta have what he or she has. If it looks good on them or if they say it’s really effective, it will be perfect for me, too.”

3. Pique their curiosity.

Curiosity drives traffic and engagement. People are driven to find an answer or the solution to their problems. Thus, when you present them with strange looking tools or hacks that make life easier for them, they will definitely be curious and buy from your store.

4. Visualization through Enhanced or Lifestyle Images

Photos are powerful triggers that help customers visualize how useful your products could be. Thus, if your photos specifically show the many ways that your products could benefit them, customers would most likely buy from you.

On the other hand, use photos with people in them to make them more personal. People are drawn to human faces, specifically the eyes, so they are more likely to purchase from you when presented with these images.

5. Use Photos to Trigger Emotions

Emotions are integral to decision-making. When you target people’s emotions through images, like eliciting happiness, feelings of love, or being sentimental, they will feel like they can relate with your brand. Thus, your photos should evoke emotions that people can empathize with.

On the other hand, pain is more motivating than pleasure. People would rather choose to avoid short term pain than long term pleasure. Thus, the photos should address pain points and solve common problems.

6. Use Price Anchoring

When you have multiple products that are similar, place them side by side and have different pricing tiers. You should also price items in the middle of your competitor’s price ranges. Experiments show that people often choose the middle option because it is “better” than the cheaper one but less expensive. People may also fall for the word “premium” even though the quality is the same.

7. Create a Common Enemy

Sometimes, exclusivity works especially in marketing. When you create a “them vs us” campaign, people would most likely flock to your brand to gain inclusivity. For example, when you present that your fabric shopping bags go against plastic packaging, environmentalists would prefer your brand.

8. Phrase your Products as Low

The most powerful word in advertising is “free.” Instead of saying there is a fee, you can say that your “product is free, just pay the $9.99 shipping.” Verbally minimize the price and present your item as the lowest among the others.


All sellers wish to increase conversions and earn profits. Selling on Amazon is no easy feat, especially with the algorithm changes, policy updates, and even changes to the interface. Amazon sellers need to be dynamic and ensure that their content is up to date to encourage prospective buyers to purchase from their store.

If you need help optimizing your content to increase conversions, connect with us and we’ll help you out.

increase conversions by updating images and content

“Optimizing the mobile cart and checkout experience is more important than tweaking your desktop design”

— Linda Bustos

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