The Perks of Being Brand Registered on Amazon

Amazon Brand Registered

The road to becoming brand registered may not be easy, but once you do, you will enjoy a lot of benefits. Becoming brand registered allows you to enjoy long term benefits and build a more valuable business. 

The first step to becoming brand registered is to register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). After that, you need to submit a request through the IP Accelerator program for your brand registry application. The whole process should take about two to three weeks, so make sure that you complete your requirements to avoid further delays. 

To determine your eligibility, check out these requirements

7 Reasons Why You Should Become Brand Registered

Still weighing your decision to become a brand registered Amazon seller? Well, here’s why you should avail Amazon’s brand registry program:

  1. Protects your Brand

The most important benefit that you will get is brand protection. With a dedicated Amazon team, you can protect your intellectual property and report any marketplace violations, listing issues, unnecessary customer complaints, technical issues, and infringement claims. It will be easier to get support from Amazon once you are brand registered. 

  1. Protects your Product Listings

You will also have control over how your listings appear on Amazon. You can also prevent other sellers from altering or misrepresenting your products. In addition, you can report unauthorized sellers who use your product images, brand name, or logo in their listings. 

You will be in control of your brand’s  product detail pages and helps you avoid knockoffs and misrepresentations from other sellers. Thus, Amazon ensures your protection as an advertiser and your brand gets top priority among other non-registered sellers. 

  1. Access to A+ Content

Enhancing your A+ Content allows you to provide SEO-rich descriptions and additional images that make your products stand out and look more professional. Customers will not be limited to plain text product descriptions, but they will see more of your products features and benefits along with more vibrant images. 

  1. Engagement with Customers

Being brand registered also allows you to engage with your customers. With the Amazon Live Creator, you can livestream your product demos and even answer customers’ questions real time. 

You can even share videos, brand stories, and showcase your storefront just like they would see in a website. 

  1. Access to Reporting and Search Tools

Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to tools that help you manage and track your brand’s performance. You can use your ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) to search for content and find infringement issues. With Amazon Brand Registry, you can prevent hijackers from relisting your products and easily report these issues to Amazon. 

In addition, you can also show valuable insights on your customers’ shopping behavior and demographics and use these information to discover new selling opportunities. 

  1. Expand Ad Opportunities

Being brand registered means that you have access to the Sponsored Brands feature. You can promote up to 3 products that feature your brand name and logo. This will be shown at the top of the search results, just above the Sponsored Products section. This results in brand awareness and more people will recognize your brand. 

This will also allow you to create a comprehensive campaign through the Amazon PPC ads. Furthermore, you will have access to brand analytics which will show you shoppers’ behavior data and allow you to improve your business and sales operations. 

  1. Increase Sales

Since you get to enjoy the above benefits and protection, your sales will increase. For example, since your brand is already protected, fraudulent listings that may compete with your sales will now be removed. Your conversion rates will also increase due to SEO-rich content courtesy of your A+ Content. 

Your brand value will be well protected because unauthorized sellers cannot associate your brand name with low quality products. 


Applying for the Amazon Brand Registry may not be easy. However, once your brand is registered, you will enjoy more benefits and the tedious process will be totally worth it. 

Not only will your brand and products be protected, but you will have access to exclusive brand registry tools. Among these tools are brand analytics, Amazon storefront, Amazon A+ Content, and dedicated Amazon internal support. 

Once you are brand registered on Amazon, give us a call and we will help you build your brand!

Become Brand Registered Now

For brand owners, enrolling in the Brand Registry provides access to powerful tools to help protect your trademarks, including proprietary text and image search and predictive automation.”

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