Brand Control

Do you want to be recognized as a registered brand owner and enjoy the perks? 

Do you want to gain control of your brand?

We can help you out!

To start with, we will guide you with Amazon Brand Registry Enrollment & Setup . We ensure that you set the right foundation for your account by helping you navigate the application process with absolute compliance. We prevent your products, style, and descriptions from being copied. Within Amazon, brand registry distinguishes you and your product collections from the competition. It is also an essential step to eventually increase your seller level and protect against lost profits from ultra-similar products. We guide you through the registry process to secure the greatest likelihood of approval.

Once you are Brand Registered, you can enjoy the perks of incorporating A+ content in your listings, showcase your products via Amazon Store Front & attached awesome videos to your listings. We will start enhancing your content with more specific information, advanced copy, detailed descriptions, tables, charts, and more.

Available only to brand registered owners, A+ content can help you stand out amongst the crowd. Our efforts help customers recognize the unique advantage of your brand, increasing your conversion rate throughout the process.

Our team will help you exercise control over your brand and make a statement apart from your competitors.  We make sure that we create tailor-made content and imagery exactly how you want your consumers to see your brand. We also ensure that your brand will be compliant to help protect your Amazon brand reputation. We conduct a regular spot check and make sure that your listings on Amazon do not go against terms and policies. We make sure to keep updated on Amazon’s updates on their terms and conditions to ensure compliance.

  1. A+ Enhanced Content Your main goal is to tell a story and address your target customer’s pain points. Our role is to create visually-rich A+ content without distracting your target audience from the features and benefits of your products. Using the customized brand images, we will help you stand out from your competition.
  2. Amazon Videos Videos are an effective way to catch the interest of your target audience no matter their demographics. Our team will put together dynamic and engaging video content that speaks to your audience and clearly presents your product’s features and benefits.
  3. Amazon Brand Store – Seamlessly building your virtual store for ease of use and accessibility. We ensure that you reach the maximum number of buyers to build brand awareness, grow impressions, and increase profitability. In turn, we present your products in an easy-to-follow way and ensure that you are in absolute compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS).
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