How to Enhance Amazon Product Listings with New Reduce Returns Feature

amazon reduce returns feature

In 2021, Amazon launched the Growth Opportunities Tool to help Amazon Sellers enhance their Amazon listings based on tailor-fit recommendations. It gathers insightful data from Amazon algorithms and sales to give the seller actionable strategies to help them grow their sales. 

One of the newest features launched in January 2024 is the Reduce Returns Feature. This feature will help sellers enhance their listings based on customer’s comments, reviews, and reviews. The recommendations are also based on the data from the seller’s existing ASINs and provide insights on how to enhance customers’ experience. 

Guide to the Reduce Returns Feature

To access the Reduce Returns Feature on your Amazon seller central account, click on the hamburger icon to open the menu then scroll down to Growth and click on Growth Opportunities. 

You will be brought to this page where you can view the opportunities based on customers’ reasons for returns. If there are no opportunities, you will find this page empty. However, you can download the opportunities report and see all the recommendations for your ASINs. 

On the other hand, if there are no opportunities shown here and you would like to know the top reasons for customer returns, you can manually download the report by going to Reports > Fulfillment 

Scroll down to Customer Concessions then click on FBA Customer Returns. You can now view the online summary of your customers returns along with the reasons. You may also download a report based on the date range so you can filter out the reasons for returns. What you should look for are those that comment about the listings and description. For example, when the customer says “Not as Described” you may want to revisit the listing and see if your product detail page accurately describes the product in text and in images. 

How the Reduce Returns Feature Helps Amazon Sellers

As an Amazon seller, you should be diligent in monitoring and enhancing your listings on a regular basis to ensure that they will stay on top of Amazon’s search pages. You should also look into customers’ comments and see how you can improve your products and services.

One of the features that you should always check is the Reduce Returns Feature which aims to help Amazon sellers enhance their product detail pages based on personalized recommendations from your customer returns data. 

What’s in it for Amazon sellers?

Minimizes Financial Impact: This will help you get an idea of how much revenue you could have gained in a 90-day period if you had taken action on the recommended improvement on your product detail page.  

Enhanced Product Detail Pages: You can customize and improve your product detail page based on content recommendations from what customers look for. 

Step up on Customer Issue Trends:: Tailor your product detail page content based on the questions and answers in your specific product category. 

Enhanced Listing Comparisons: You can compare and pattern your product listings with top-selling brands to catch your target customers’ attention. 

Determine Ideal Placement: You can create A/B tests or enhance your product listings to find out which strategies work with your customers. For example, will it create an impression if you have more information on the title, bullets, or description? Or is it better if you present the details in images and videos?

Find out whether placing content in the title, bullets, or product description of your detail pages will have the greatest impression on customers.


The Reduced Returns Feature under the Growth Opportunities tool is one of Amazon’s newly-launched tools to help sellers enhance their product detail pages based on customer returns data. Not only will they benefit from this by increasing sales, it will also help establish a loyal customer base. Customer satisfaction will result in happier customers and lead them to spread the word. Thus, customers will keep coming back to your brand and you will also gain new prospects. 

Stay tuned for more growth opportunities and tips! Leave us a comment or connect with us if you need help to jumpstart your sales on Amazon. 

“Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer.”

– Jonathan Midenhall, CMO for Airbnb

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