How to Fix Amazon Price Errors and Other Issues

fixing Amazon price errors and others

Being an Amazon seller entails a lot of responsibilities. It’s good when you reap the sales, but you should also watch out for issues. In a previous post, you read about regularly monitoring your account health to check for any listing errors, warnings, or Amazon alerts. Not only do you have to watch out for your account health, but you should also check for Amazon price errors because this could lead to deactivation of your listing.

Amazon designed a safety measure to prevent potentially negative customer experiences by automatically deactivating listings that are priced too high or too low. Thus, make sure that your pricing is aligned with the market.

In this article, you will learn how to fix Amazon price errors plus other listing issues that you may face.

Step by Step: Fixing Amazon Price Issues and Errors

Product Status is Suppressed, Inactive, or Active but with Error – This normally happens when something needs to be edited on the listing. On your Manage Inventory page, find the listing with the error then scroll to the right and click Edit. You will see an exclamation point on the tab that contains the error. Fill in the necessary details, then submit.

The product is Active, but has a “Lowest” mark under  the “Lowest Price Tab”

Normally, if this is the case, it simply means that the Sale Price is missing from the Offer tab.

To fix this, click Edit, then go to the Offers tab. Make sure you indicate the Sale Price, Sale Start Date, and Sale End Date. The sale price is usually a dollar plus the business price.

Potential High Pricing Error

In some cases, a product becomes inactive and is not visible to buyers due to a Potential high pricing error. 

You can check this by checking two (2) areas of Seller Central:

  1. Go to Inventory > Manage Inventory > Expand the Variations under Status
  1. Check Stranded Inventory Section:  

Go to Inventory > Manage Inventory > at the top, you will see Fix Stranded Inventory

  1. You can also click on the Fix Price Alerts tab, click Reactivate then change the Minimum and Maximum Price then Save.

      Below is another quick fix to set the minimum and maximum price:  

  1. Change or fill out the minimum and maximum price box. In this example, the minimum price is €25,00 and the maximum price is €48,98. The price + postage is € 49,98 . This is causing potential price error because the price + postage price is lower than the maximum price. The maximum price should be higher than the price + postage. Thus, to set the maximum price just add $1 to $2  higher to the price + postage price. So,  price + postage is € 49,98, add $1, the total is  €50,98.  Set the maximum price then to  €50,98.

  Once done changing the maximum price, it’s time to check the minimum price.        

  1. To set the minimum price, check the lowest price the product has within 60 days at least. To get the minimum price, check the following:
  • Sale Price
  • Business Price
  • Quantity Discount Price
  • Any Lightning deal price within 60 days (Running, Incoming and Ended Deals)
  1. To check the sale price, click the Edit button on the far right side of the product under manage inventory tab then on the Offer tab, view the sale price:
  1. To check Business Price: Go back to the Inventory page. The business price should be less than the sale price. In the example above, the sale price is €36,98, so the business price should be €35,98. 
  1. To Check Quantity Discount Price:  Quantity Discount is below Business Price, click the drop down arrow to open quantity discount. 
  1. To check Deal Price:  you may also need to check the deals to determine the minimum price. Go to Advertising > Deals. On the field that says Status, click the dropdown then choose Running, Upcoming, and Ended. Look for the product then take note of the deal price. 

See screenshot below: 

  1. Once you figure out all the prices, just deduct $2 to as low as $10 to the lowest price, and set it as the minimum price. 
  2. Once both minimum price and maximum price are set, click “Save
  3. Check back after 15 minutes to see if the changes took effect.
  4. If the product is still inactive, you may still need to change the price.


Selling on Amazon does not only require you to create a listing, supply your inventory, and sell to your customers. It requires a lot of responsibilities wherein you must regularly spend time for. There are also pricing rules that you need to follow, to avoid negative customer experience.

If you need help with your product listings, pricing, and inventory management, give us a call and we’d be glad to help you out.

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