How to Grow your Brand with Amazon Posts

Creating Amazon posts

Selling products online is one of the most lucrative businesses, provided that you know the ropes. Especially during the pandemic, many people resorted to buying products online as it is the safer and more convenient option. Most physical stores were forced to close so retailers resorted to online selling. If you are an Amazon seller, you can help increase your product sales through the Amazon posts feature. 

Who Can Use the Amazon Posts Feature

Not all Amazon sellers can utilize the Amazon posts feature. Brand Registered sellers, vendors, and Amazon DSP customers who have advertising consoles can create Amazon posts. Also, the Amazon posts feature, currently in its beta version, is only available in the United States. 

So, if you’re not yet brand registered, it would be best to apply now and enjoy the perks of being brand registered on Amazon.

How to Create an Amazon Post

Amazon posts are much like your social media feed. The only difference is that you are not in control of where they will show up. The posts will show up on your detail pages, related products detail pages (includes competitor’s pages), related posts field, and in the category feed.

Here are the steps to create posts on Amazon:

  1. Go to and log in using your Seller Central credentials. 
  2. When you are in the Amazon posts page, scroll down a bit and click on Create Post. 
  1. Fill in the details like you would in a social media post. 
  2. You also have the option to schedule posts so you can create posts for the entire week and ensure consistency. 
  3. After creating your post, scroll down a bit and click on Submit for Review. 

Tips for Creating Posts

While quantity is important in generating traffic to your pages, you should also avoid spamming. Here are some tips to create quality content that will ensure conversions:

  1. Use lifestyle images that showcase the use of your products. 
  2. Keep it simple with no distractions. Your product should be the focal point of the post. 
  3. Avoid distracting text on the images; let the images tell a story. 
  4. Use high-resolution images to assure customers of your brand’s credibility. 
  5. Tell a story about the image and avoid repeating details from your listing page. Limit your description to less than 500 characters so it’s not too long. 

Benefits of Using Amazon Posts

In the US alone, there are 148.6 Amazon Prime members which account for 74% of all Amazon Prime members. Imagine how many users you can target just by creating posts on Amazon. Out of 1.9 million active sellers, not all of them are brand registered. Thus, you have an edge among other sellers if you are brand registered.

One of the best things about Amazon posts is that buyers are already on Amazon.  When they see an item that they like, they simply have to click on the item and it will take them to the product page to make a purchase. 

Another benefit is that your posts can show up in your competitor’s pages. If a buyer browses through your competitor’s store and sees your product which looks more interesting, they may buy from you instead. Thus, it is important that you “snoop” your competitor’s listings and see how they market their products. You may learn a thing or two from them. 

Lastly, Amazon content posts can effectively tell a story about your products. Since you can already post multiple products to one post, make sure you highlight the uses. 


Amazon social posts are the counterpart of your social media posts in one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms. Using this feature will benefit your brand since you can reach more customers who are already using the Amazon app so they don’t have to go anywhere. 

If you need help in creating content, let us know and we’ll be glad to help you out. 

Creating Amazon posts for your brand

“Social selling expands on the age-old basics of getting to know your customers and meeting their needs.” 

– Jon Ferrara

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