Beginner’s Guide on How to Sell on Amazon


The Amazon marketplace is still by far the most visited eCommerce platform with 2.5 billion visitors per month. That’s why, if you want to sell on Amazon, your listing pages must capture the attention of the consumer because there are also 12 million unique products out there. Imagine the competition you have to face.

If you already have an eCommerce website outside of Amazon, that’s good. At least you have an idea of how the tricks of the trade works. However, keep in mind that if you want to sell on Amazon, there are a lot of rules that you have to follow.

To help you begin your journey as an Amazon seller, here are some tips to get you started.

Tips on How to Sell on Amazon

Tip # 1: Focus on One Product

Start of with one product to test the waters. Think of it as a trial product that will help you learn the ropes in Amazon. Make sure that your product is easy to sell and acquire. Products that you need to avoid are fragile products, electronics, licensed photos or patented products, big/heavy products, and seasonal products. Fragile products and electronics need a warranty, so you need to test them out first to make sure they are reliable. Heavy products cost you on storage and shipping fees because you pay by the weight and dimensions. Seasonal products, of course, only sell during the season.

Tip # 2: Spend 100% on Product Research

Choose an efficient product research tool such as JungleScout and check out possible products. Research products based on profitability, how easy they are to source, and scalability. You don’t want to order a lot of stock and realize that only a small population is interested in them. Also, you need to make sure that the products are easy to obtain from your supplier.

Tip # 3: Test Products from Different Suppliers

Test out 2 to 3 products from different suppliers so you can gauge which one has the best quality and cost. Get samples then negotiate a price per unit so you can still get profits despite the costs for logistics and shipping.

Tip # 4: Use High-Quality Product Photos

Your photos should clearly show how your products can be used. Thus, they should also be of high-quality and pleasing to the eye. Remember, first impressions last. The best way to generate those clicks is to display high quality and engaging photos so it is best to hire a professional photographer or take photos yourself. You may need to learn some basic Photoshop skills to create the best quality photos.

Tip # 5: Differentiate from the Competitor

Even though you’re selling the same product, always present what’s unique about yours. For example, you may have a different color or dimensions that they don’t offer. Look at competitor reviews and see what their customers are looking for that they don’t find in that product then get creative.

Tip # 6: Know Your Numbers

Manage your books and keep track of all the numbers — from costs of products, expenses, shipping fees, metrics, ROI, and the like. You must keep track of where the money is going. It doesn’t mean that if you’re earning a few hundred dollars then you are making profit. Most of the time, the money that you earn just evens out what you have already spent.

Tip # 7: Order Large Quantities and Store them in a Warehouse

Save on shipping costs and FBA fees by ordering ahead and storing them in a warehouse outside of Amazon. Some freight forwarders can store your products for a lower fee than Amazon FBA. This saves you time and money on high shipping costs during peak season and FBA fees.

Tip # 8: Copywriting

In a previous blog post, you read about how crucial it is to optimize your Amazon listing. Once you already have a product that you want to sell, you should hire a professional Amazon listing expert who can optimize your product title, descriptions, bullets, and A+ content. This helps boost your product listing on Amazon’s search pages for more visibility.

Tip # 9: It’s All About Packaging

First impressions last. That’s why your packaging also has to look presentable, sturdy, and should have the necessary instructions. Make sure the box has your brand’s logo and is clean and not damaged. Include an insert card that will thank your customers and ask for reviews. Read our blog on how to create product insert cards for your Amazon products.

Tip # 10: Automation

Make sure you have an automated feedback or review tool that will automatically request for reviews from customers. You should also have an email automation service that will send them an email given a number of days so you can follow through if they have concerns about your product.


Amazon is a large marketplace with a lot of unique products and plenty of sellers to compete with. You can stand out even as a new seller provided that you have done a great amount of research and preparation before you delve into the world of Amazon selling.

If you need help with optimizing your listing or starting up on Amazon, give us a call and we’d be glad to do business with you!

how to sell on Amazon

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