Inventory Management Reconciliation

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We help you navigate Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to handle customer returns, correct weight and measurement mistakes, recoup overcharges and incorrect fees, recover lost funds from warehouses that lose or damage your products, reconcile issues, and manage unfulfilled inventory. Using our in-depth FBA knowledge, we help you file claims and recover lost funds.

Our analysts will help you deep dive into reports, provide Excel sheets, and come up with processes and action plans to recover and address inventory and fulfillment by Amazon issues.

Avoid Losses by Keeping Track of Your Inventory

Have you ever had problems with lost or missing shipments? As a seller, if your inventory is not properly managed, you will experience drastic losses. However, there are cases when Amazon has inventory issues that negatively affects the seller. To get your money back, you just have to go through the proper process — such as contacting Amazon via creating a case. 

Common issues you will encounter that needs to be addressed


Amazon compensates sellers for the items that are part of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). In these instances, we help you file a claim for reimbursements if it’s Amazon’s fault:

  • items that have been damaged at Amazon Fulfillment Center
  • distributor damaged
  • missing units
  • FBA customer order returns (items not returned to Amazon after 45 days from refund date)
  • incorrectly charged with Amazon/FBA Fees
  • damaged items from removals (Items in sellable condition, returned to you).

It is important to know these as an Amazon seller so you get reimbursed for the losses incurred.

Damaged, Lost, and Disposed Reconciliation

Part of our assistance is to help you in reconciliation wherein we help you determine how many units were damaged/lost/disposed at the Amazon Fulfillment Center (FC), were previously reimbursed and units that need reimbursement.

Some of the items that have been damaged at Amazon FC will be automatically disposed of or will be sold by Amazon under different condition types in Amazon Warehouse Deals. There are cases wherein the units are disposed of automatically by Amazon if they don’t comply with their policy or items are tagged as restricted items (These are not eligible for reimbursement but they’re notified to have those units removed at a given timeframe).

FBA Shipment Reconciliation

Part of our services is to help you keep track of the number of items/units shipped and those received at Amazon Fulfillment Centers to verify if there are missing units. If there are items missing in your shipment, you are eligible for a reimbursement. Amazon automatically reconciles the missing units in your shipment because they were able to locate it from the other shipments you’ve sent and adjust the numbers to fully reconcile your shipment. Amazon FBA Reconciliation tool is also used to fix issues such as: no barcode on items received and inbound performance issues. In this way, you will avoid getting banned from sending units to Amazon FC.