Listing Optimization

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Our team will help you exercise control over your brand and make a statement apart from your competitors.  We make sure that we create tailor-made content and imagery exactly how you want your consumers to see your brand. We also ensure that your brand will be compliant to help protect your Amazon brand reputation. We conduct a regular spot check and make sure that your listings on Amazon do not go against terms and policies. We make sure to keep updated on Amazon’s updates on their terms and conditions to ensure compliance.

  1. Brand Story – Tell your brand story effectively with compelling images and keyword-enriched content. We create stories that speak to your target audience.
  2. Titles and Feature Points – Our team creates titles and bullet points that are SEO-enriched but sound natural. We make it a point to showcase the top features of your product just by glancing at the title.
  3. Product Descriptions – Using SEO research, we make sure that your product descriptions are enriched with high-ranking keywords that place your listings at the top of searches.
  4. Keyword Research – Our team of SEO-experts generate only the top keywords that are relevant to your product using paid and premium software. We also use Amazon tools to look into your competitor’s keywords and identify keywords that will have the highest conversion rate for your products.

Ever wondered why your products don’t show up on the search results? It is possible that your content is not SEO-enriched. Our SEO team research on top keywords that will surely lead to conversions. Our marketing team writes product descriptions that sound natural even with the keywords incorporated into them. We effectively highlight your products’ features and benefits without going overboard. Let us know what you want and we’ll take care of the rest!