Major Amazon Changes to Watch Out For

Amazon changes that will impact third party sellers

In the past, Amazon has released major changes that has substantial effects on Amazon third party sellers. Not only does this affect the Amazon listings, but it also impacts the overall online sales. However, you’d have to admit that Amazon has now been more proactive in informing merchants of upcoming changes. As a responsible business owner, you just have to be diligent in monitoring the emails and notifications from Amazon.

Amazon Changes that Will Impact your Business

  1. Non-Compliant Sellers will be Targeted by the INFORM Consumers Act – In December 2022, this Act was passed into a law. Its main goal is to put an end to retail crime syndicates and prevent the proliferation of fake goods. This act will help authenticate seller identities by asking for the following:
  • Personal Information (name and phone number)
  • Government ID
  • Tax ID
  • Business Address
  • Bank Information

To ensure the security of your Amazon account, make sure to submit the requirements through Amazon seller central and not through suspicious emails.

2. New FBA Dashboard Page- Upon logging in to your Seller Central account, you may have noticed a few updates, especially on the Inventory Page. Instead of the Inventory Planning page, you will now see the FBA Dashboard where you will see a more streamlined view of your Inventory Performance Index (IPI), inventory age, total value of orders, number of units ordered, shipment status, and other inventory recommendations.

3. Switching to a Selling Partner (SP) – Sellers in the EU and UK marketplace must transition to a Selling Partner API by August 31st, 2023 to avoid any disruptions to marketplace automations. For affected sellers, Amazon presents a migration plan and an option to explore recommended Selling Partner apps.

4. Amazon UK Vine Ineligibility for Bulky Items – If you are a UK seller with heavy or bulky inventory, you won’t be able to enroll your products in Amazon Vine effective immediately. However, if you have previously enrolled before this change has taken effect, you can still use the service up until the end of your contract with Vine. This move aims to enhance FBA’s fulfillment process for products weighing more than 66 lbs (30 kg) or 1.5 meters in length. This is also another move to cut down on expenses as these large and bulky items take up more space and have special delivery, shipping, and handling requirements.


Amazon remains the top eCommerce marketplace globally. With this status, Amazon has never-ending updates to its services that also impacts third party sellers especially small business owners. However, so long as sellers diligently monitor their Seller Central account and stay updated on Amazon updates, they can prepare in advance and ensure the security of their Seller Central account and their business.

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“The Amazon marketplace is a vast and ever-changing landscape, but with the right strategy, you can succeed.”

— – Callum Jones, author of Selling On Amazon: A Guide to Making Money on Amazon

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