Dokken Dead Fowl Pheasant Scent Kit 2oz Retriever Hunting Dog Training

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Give your training dummy the realistic scent of a dead bird. Unlike scents that are just applied to the outside of the dummy, this handy syringe allows you to inject the Dead Fowl dummy. Because the scent permeates, it’s more realistic and will not easily wash off in water or wet grass. Kits include syringe needle and 2 oz. of Pheasant scent.


Dokken Dead Fowl Pheasant Scent for dog training is great for training your retriever to recognize the scent of the game you are hunting. Each kit includes a scent injector and 2-oz bottle of pheasant scent.

Why Do You Need this for Dog Training?

  • Perfect for retriever training
  • Your dog will learn to recognize the scent of game
  • Scent does not wash off easily in water or wet grass
  • Kit includes scent injector and 2 ounce bottle of scent
  • easy to use
  • Perfect when paired with the pheasant dummy; just inject it into the dummy

Make dog training easier for you and your retriever. It also adds fun to the regular catch game. Not only can this be used for training hunting dogs, but it is also a good mental and physical activity for your dog. Make sure to also get the appropriate duck decoy to pair with this pheasant scent.


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