Tips on How to Boost your Amazon Sales

how to increase your Amazon sales

Whether you are a seasoned seller or a newbie, increasing your Amazon sales is your main goal. There are so many methods to increase sales, some even resort to black hat techniques. However, if you want to keep your Amazon seller central account intact and violation-free, you should stick with the legit methods.

How can you boost your Amazon sales then? Read on and learn more about boosting your sales on Amazon.

Boosting your Amazon Sales

Tip # 1: Add Value to Your Products

What’s in it for me? This is the main question customers would ask when they consider buying your products. Educate your target audience and create value for your products. Do this by creating content such as blogs and videos that demonstrate the features and benefits of your products then direct them to your Amazon product listings.

Tip # 2: Direct Traffic to Amazon

Run Facebook or Google ads, share your content on social media, or share them through email broadcasts. This way, not only do you gain brand recognition but you also educate others about your products.

Tip # 3: Capture Leads and Reach Out

Run a lead generation campaign by offering freebies such as eBooks, promotions, or coupons. Your sales funnel should pave the way for an email marketing campaign or even an SMS campaign. Use these leads to educate and promote your products.

Tip # 4: Tap Into Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is effective because people look up to celebrities or popular endorsers. When someone famous uses your product and shares it on social media, consumers see it as something valuable and worth trying out. Consumers trust influencers for product recommendations because these are people who have actually used the product and spend time and resources to share it with others. Check out Amazon Associates or Influencer Program for more details.

Tip # 5: Use Sponsored Products Ads

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads extend your brand reach as they become more visible to consumers and even your competitors. What’s great about sponsored products ads is that you get to choose which products you want to advertise and how much you want to spend. These ads will appear in highly visible spots such as the bottom of the product page or on the first page of the search results.

Tip # 6: Invite More Reviews

Generating more reviews increases your trust ratings. However, there may be instances that you will get bad reviews, too. The best way is to address these reviews professionally by reaching out to customers and offering help. You will also gain insights on how to improve your products through these reviews. Challenge yourself to turn these negative reviewers into loyal customers.

Tip # 7: Optimize Your Listings and A+ Content

Stay on top of search results and make sure that your contents are optimized with updated keywords. People rarely browse the second page of search results, so challenge yourself by staying on the first page of the SERP. Read this blog on why and how to optimize your content.

Tip # 8: Utilize Amazon’s Free Marketing Tools

Amazon has free marketing tools such as Amazon Posts and the Customer Engagement Tool. Use these to reach more audience on Amazon. Consumers will also be enticed to follow your store’s updates through Amazon posts and you can reach out to them via the Customer Engagement Tool.


Increasing Amazon sales is every Amazon seller’s dream. Make sure that you use legit Amazon marketing strategies to avoid getting your account suspended and losing more sales.

If you need help optimizing your listings and A+ content and looking for ways to increase your sales, contact us now and we’ll help you out.

increase your Amazon sales

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.”

-Mark Hunter

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