Top 10 Items for Fall that Should Be in Your Inventory 2021

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Fall is arriving which also signals a lot of holidays ahead. Speaking of holidays, there are also plenty of sale opportunities such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Looking for top items to sell this fall can be quite a challenge. Ever since the pandemic started, almost everything is selling online nowadays. There is so much online competition right now that you don’t even know where to start. 

Since most people opted to buy things online, you can even buy essential items such as toilet paper, alcohol, sanitizers, and vitamins. But now that the pandemic is slowly dwindling and people are not as scared, the demand for different products are changing. 

Some of the events that sellers need to prepare for are Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving. Think of gadget sales, mobile phones, turkey-themed decors and dinnerware. However, you should also sell evergreen items that will be useful throughout the year. 

To give you an idea, here are the top fall items that you may include in your inventory this year:

What to Sell: Top Items for Fall

  1. Dinnerware  – Holidays are fast approaching. That means new dinnerware for the festivities. 
  2. Fashion – A lot of people have been stuck at home during the pandemic. Now that people are slowly returning back to normal, a new set of wardrobe is a must. 
  3. Tableware and party items – Since Thanksgiving and holidays mean social gatherings, matching tablecloths with napkins, disposable items will be in demand. 
  4. Serving platters – Of course, that delicious turkey deserves the best serving platter on display. 
  5. Bakeware – Since you will be cooking for a large crowd, it is important to have bakeware such as cooling racks and baking pans that you can use to roast a large amount of food. 
  6. Trench Coats and Wool Sweaters – As the weather becomes cooler and gives way to winter, warmer clothes will become in demand. 
  7. Health and Beauty Products – Since colder weather means dry skin and hair, lotions, body butter, and conditioners are some of the top products that women will look for. After-shave colognes and shaving gel for the men will also be in demand. 
  8. Cake Decorating Supplies and Candy Making Supplies – ‘Tis the season for pastries and desserts. Stock up on cake decorating supplies to make cake toppers and silicone chocolate molds for making sweet treats. 
  9. Arts and Crafts Supplies, DIY tools – Crochet items, yarn, fabric, and quilt-making supplies will be in demand as hobbyists create holiday quilts and sweaters as holiday gifts. It’s also a time for repairs so DIY and handymen may look for new tools. 
  10. Snow plows and skis – Since winter follows right after fall, get ready for ski season and shovelling a pile of snow from your driveway. 

Check out these recommended items from our brand partners that you may want to have:


As we usher into fall, this also means a lot of opportunities for new sales. Welcome the start of the fourth quarter with new items for fall in your inventory. 

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