Top 3 Amazon Seller Tools to Increase Sales

Amazon seller tools for marketing

As an Amazon seller, your listing needs to stand out among thousands of others to gain brand recognition. This will also help establish your presence on Amazon and drive conversions. That is why it is important that you are aware of these free Amazon seller tools.

Brand registered sellers have access to free Amazon marketing tools that can help you gain brand recognition and increase conversions. You just have to be consistent in using them. 

These Amazon seller tools are underutilized because not all brand-registered sellers are aware of these features. So, if you’re one of them, better start using these tools. You’ll be surprised by the gains you will reap.

Amazon Seller Tools You Need To Use Now

  1. Amazon Posts 

The beta version of Amazon posts is Amazon’s social media feed. This feature allows you to post your product images just like on social media. You can share content such as how to use your products or how it benefits consumers. Amazon posts allow you to reach out to your customers and let them know about your products through lifestyle images. This feature uses the power of social media in online shopping. It’s a casual way of marketing your products without spending. 

Customers can find your Amazon posts when they visit your Amazon storefront. When they follow your store, it also shows up in a feed. They can then click from the post and direct them to the item that you presented. The Amazon posts will also appear based on customer engagement and relevance. 

You also don’t have to worry about what to post. Simply repurpose your social media images for Amazon posts, just make sure they meet the image requirements. You can also post as often as you like. You don’t even need to post everyday. Schedule all the posts for the whole week or month and you’re good to go. You even have access to analytics to check how your posts are performing. 

Amazon seller tools
  1. Amazon Brand Story

Another underutilized Amazon seller tool is the Amazon Brand story. This lets you tell your brand’s story to your customers. When customers know about your brand, it encourages trust and loyalty. You may want to share with your customers how your brand started, your goals, and how you can deliver the best value in products and services. 

For this feature, you need 2 images that will be visible in both mobile and desktop. You will find the Amazon Brand story below the listing bullet points and above the A+ content or product description. 

Amazon seller tools Amazon posts
  1. Amazon A/B Split Testing

Brand registered sellers can now split test product titles, A+ content, and images to determine which perform best. Your ASINs must also have high traffic to avail of this feature. Each test can run from 4 to 10 weeks and will be sent to 50% each of your audience groups. After the split test, you can view your metrics such as conversions, sales, and impressions. Based on these data, you can now choose which campaign performs best and use it for your content. 

The A/B split testing allows you to maximize your listing’s performance and come up with more content strategies for better traffic and conversions. 


Being brand registered on Amazon offers you a lot of benefits such as free Amazon seller tools that you can use for your marketing campaigns. Enjoy the benefits of being brand registered through the use of Amazon Posts, Amazon A/B split testing, and Amazon Brand story.

Sellers who have embraced social media are creating new opportunities that totally bypass traditional sales channels. It’s about good selling – using all the tools that are available to you today.

— Jill Konrath

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