Why Product Inserts are Important

Amazon package insert

Product inserts are a great marketing strategy to reach out to your customers. Not only does it enlighten your customers about your brand, but it also adds a personal touch. Package inserts are a great way to level up your marketing strategy and extend goodwill to prospective customers. 

How to Use Product Inserts

Ideally, not all of your customers should get product inserts. However, most sellers use product inserts to reach out to customers who are not tech-savvy or don’t spend much time on the internet. 

Here are some ways to put those product inserts to good use:

  1. Thank your customers – You can include a product insert on all your products which also serves as a “Thank You” card. Thank them for purchasing then offer them a way to reach you such as an email or phone number should they have concerns about your product. This way, your customers will feel that they can easily contact you if they have questions or issues with their orders. 
  2. Offer discounts – Since it’s your customers who will receive the package inserts, you can offer them a discount coupon so they will be enticed to purchase again. 
  3. Ask for Reviews – You may also ask for reviews from your customers and ask them what they think of your products. Not only do you increase our brand health but you will also receive feedback on how to improve your products and services. 
  4. Cross-sell Slow Selling Items – You can offer related products to your customers, such as products that don’t sell much. Make sure to discuss the value of why that certain product will be important to them. 
  5. Increase Social Media Following and Engagement – Some customers are not big fans of social media. However, you can encourage them to visit one of your platforms and gain ideas related to their purchase. For example, you can ask them to follow your Instagram account so they can get DIY home ideas related to your DIY products. 
  6. Use QR codes – QR codes are the latest addition to product inserts. Why? All customers have to do is to point their mobile phone’s camera on the QR code and scan. It will directly lead them to the page where the QR code is linked to. No more typing of web addresses and no need to send them a link through email.

When making your product inserts, make sure you use high-quality paper, bright colors, and simple but informative text. The insert card or package insert should be interesting enough to the customer that they will pick it up, read it, or even keep it. Be creative with your product inserts and make sure it stays true to your brand’s colors and voice. 

What to Avoid on Package Inserts

If you are an Amazon seller, make sure to abide by Amazon’s terms of service when it comes to product inserts. Do not be complacent and think that they will not find out — they will. It’s better to abide by their terms rather than risk account suspension. 

  1. Avoid sending your customers to your website – Some Amazon sellers also have their eCommerce sites. However, Amazon is very strict about this. While it’s tempting to direct traffic to your website, your account risks suspension if you have hyperlinks that lead out of Amazon. According to Amazon’s “Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions” page: ”Any advertisements, marketing messages (special offers) or “calls to action” that lead, prompt, or encourage Amazon users to leave the Amazon website are prohibited.”
  2. Ask for Neutral Reviews – While it is okay to ask for reviews, you should never lead your customers to create positive reviews, especially if they get something in return. Let your customers know that you welcome their ideas or suggestions so you can further improve your products and services. This is also a great way of empowering the customer. 

On the other hand, NEVER offer discounts and mention reviews at the same time. Don’t tell your customers, “We’ll send you an item at 50% off so you can give a raving review about our product!” Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble.

Here is an example of a product insert that you can use:


Product inserts are a personalized way of reaching out to your customers and building your brand’s value. It is also paving the way for non-tech savvy customers to reach you in case they have questions or concerns. 

Besides, package inserts build customer loyalty and increase lifetime value. Offering discounts or thanking your customers empowers them and makes them come back. They will also feel that, despite the issues they encounter, somebody is willing to hear them out.

Do you need help with your marketing strategy? Give us a call and we’d be glad to have a look at your plans.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

— Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder
Amazon product insert

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